The vision that God has given me is to equip women in the area of prayer. Every success in life is a prayer-success and every failure a prayer-failure.

By spending quality time in the presence of God and praying in the Holy Ghost (tongues), you tap into the wisdom-realm of God concerning every area of your life. Wisdom is the principal thing!

As women, we are born "birthing-vessels." Through prayer we "birth" in God's vision for our lives. Just like birthing a baby requires your body to "adapt" to the growth taking place inside you, our spiritual bodies have to adapt to the purpose, destiny and vision God has planted in us.

This can only be done through a life of prayer. Without it you leave yourself open for satanic attacks. This is what happened to me early in my spiritual walk.  I believe there is a "Millionairess" down inside every woman. I hvae been anointed by God to help you find her.


My life as a single young Christian woman was exciting but also very challenging. Through it all I found that prayer is the key to success.

Two years after being saved, I married outside the will (and timing) of God. My spiritual father, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, MI had instructed me to wait but I thought I "knew it all" and disobeyed.

You see, I had just been anointed and thrust into my call as a prayer intercessor. I was assigned by Bishop Jackson to stay in the rear (right side) of the sanctuary, and "pray in" the souls.

At that particular time that section was empty and my specific assignment was to "see" the seats full and "birth" in the harvest. I was obedient and God moved, and before long it was completely full.

Prophetess Juanita Bynum had also prophesied to me that as a powerful intercessor, God would use me in mighty exploits. I had hit a vein in prayer and the devil wanted to stop that!

I had the anointing operating in my life but not the maturity. The point is that no matter how anointed you are, you must always submit and obey the leadership that God has placed you under.

I experienced what you might call the "I hear from God too" syndrome, which only led to disobedience and destruction.

My marriage was over within two years and I was left alone with a beautiful baby girl and a broken heart. I prayed, fasted, and confessed almost all of the time. I was determined to save it. But when you are not in the perfect will of God (due to your own disobedience), God will not always move like we desire.


Through prayer and OBEDIENCE, the Lord was faithful and restored my life quickly.

I came from a family of entrepreneurs and my parents Earthel & June LaGreen have been in business all of my life. In addition to my modeling and acting opportunities, I had a strong desire to own my own business as well.

I partnered up and opened a Nextel franchise in Detroit, MI. It was very successful and grew from nothing to a staff of about 15 the very first year.

I became whole and complete while single and resting in the arms of the Lord.

While busy in the things of the Lord, parenting, and being a good steward over my businesses, God sent me the man of my dreams (and prayers), Pastor Ben Tankard, my lifetime groom. "The Blessing" (which is the anointing of God to prosper in every area of life) was only brought about through an exchange....prayer and obedience.


If you are a single parent or in a bad marriage, don't belabor on how hard it is, you have the ability to create your world with your words.

Don't accept abuse, defeat, neglect and lack as your destiny. Use all that "mess" in your life as fertilizer for your spiritual growth. I am now using my past experiences (good and bad) as building blocks for my ministry.

My fashions, ad lay-outs, prayer life, and business savvy are just tools to help me "Model In His Image."

I encourage you to walk uprightly, pray in the Holy Ghost, speak your daily confessions and use the authority God has given you to have life of abundance. You too can succeed as I did. 3 steps to get you on your way are:

1) Make a "plan" for success and "decide" to be blessed no matter what the situation looks like. Everything in life is affected by the power of decision.

2) Pray longer in the spirit than you have been praying. Double Up!

3) Speak those things that be not as though they were.

In closing, channel your inner and outer beauty to glorify God with a lifestyle of prayer and you will begin to see the power of God work in your life!








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