After a career ending injury, Ben gave up on Pro Basketball plans and attended a Pentecostal revival service one night very discouraged. That meeting changed his life and the world of Christian and Jazz music has never been the same.  Ben sat at the keyboard and was anointed with oil by the evangelist and he began to play that very night like a seasoned, professional veteran. 

Now he is "playing" on a different team, one that is undefeated and coached by the Holy Spirit and his music and videos are enjoyed worldwide!  Ben’s victories OUTSIDE the NBA have not gone unnoticed by the NBA. He has just been asked to work and assist with Pro Basketball player programs and development. Ben states that “Millionheirs need encouragement too!  Sometimes it takes someone With Money, to tell somebody With Money, that life is not About Money.”    

Years after his injury Ben's dream comes full circle but this time he is blessed to assist and volunteer in the development of other young men in areas inside and outside of the Pro Basketball arena.










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