What do you get when you combine the gifts of a 6'6" former professional basketball player/keyboardist/producer/faith teacher with that of a 6'0" beautiful model/powerful prayer intercessor/successful business woman?  You get the dynamic (and tall) ministry of Ben & Jewel Tankard.

Ben and Jewel believe in using humor, real life illustrations, smooth gospel-jazz music, and strong biblical teaching in their books, CD releases and worldwide concert-crusades. They melt even the hardest hearts with their unique style of ministry. They pastor one of the fastest growing ministries in Murfreesboro, TN.

The Tankards believe that anyone can be a "million heir" - meaning that everyone can be an "heir" to being able to make a positive impact on one million people in their lifetime.








Celebrating The Blended Family

Musician Ben Tankard and his wife Jewel are both survivors of divorce and have a strong compassion for hurting spouses and blended families.  This year their evangelistic theme is "We Are ALL Family."  Their concerts often take on a "romantic" theme as they lead men and women into the presence of God for restoration and deliverance. The Tankards enjoy life as a modern day "Brady Bunch" with the excitement of a blended family.  Both with children from their former lives,  Ben & Jewel decided when they married 13 years ago to NOT have any "STEPS." "We do not believe in calling each other Step-Children or Step-Dads or Step-Moms, we are ALL family. Think about it, most  bible characters came from Blended families (even Jesus). That means we are in good company." 

Ben (who was divorced 20 years ago with 4 children), and Jewel (who was divorced 15 years ago with one child), believe that for the sake of the children, you should NOT speak bad about your children's other Mom or Dad.  Ben says, "In our Family Matters teaching series, we encourage our members to walk in the love of God when dealing with their ex-spouses, EVEN if they are unreasonable, unsaved, and make false accusations against you to your children. You may not be able to control how someone else acts, but you CAN control how you respond.  THE LOVE WALK WILL WIN EVERY TIME!!!



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